Security and insurance

Basic security and responsibility rules

I am aware that my pariticipation and the pariticipation of my child in activities such as archery, jumping over the obstacles, using zip line, artificial rocks, air soft, quads drive, rollerblading, going for a walk in nature and other fun and recreational activities, available as a part of a program offered by "Dino & Adventure Park" Zlatibor, go with a considerable dose of risk and that these strenuous and dangerous activities can cause physical injuries.

In order to provide the maximum level of safety for all the participants in activities organized by "Dino & Adventure Park" Zlatibor, participants must follow the basic rules which apply as special rules encompassing specific features of all activities and predispositions of all participants.

By entering the area of the "Dino & Adventure Park" Zlatibor, each visitor accepts the basic and specific rules of the park. All participants must get familiar with the basic and special rules of the park and they must also go through the training for safety equipment and safety protocols.

I comply with the said rules for my own safety and the safety of the other participants. I am aware that I will be able to participate once the rules have been read, instructions given, equipment and safety checked, and that the organizer can prohibit my participation at any point.

I am also aware that I willingly participate in these activities at my own risk and that I will pariticipate as much as I like, considering my health, physical abilities and limitations.

Should I cause damage by participating to another person, his/her property or the property of the organizer, I'll take the blame, making sure that it excludes the organizer. I comply with the organizer's rules in the park and its safety rules for my own good and for the good of other participants and workers.

I agree that the photos and videos could be used by "Dino & Adventure park" Zlatibor and its collaborators for promotions and reports.